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Mei Chan
Wine Advisor

“They say I am like wine, I am getting better with age.”
Holder of WSET Level 3 Certificate and first Hong Kong Graduate of Master Degree of Wine Commerce in Universite d’Avignon in France, Mei has undergone eight years of intensive professional training with several leading wine merchants in France, UK and HK before launching the project of Msquare Wine. She enjoys particularly Chateauneuf-du-Pape and Aged Burgundian Pinot Noir.

Janice Lam
Wine Advisor

Holder of WSET Level 2 Certificate. Despite graduating as a Criminology student, a visit to Chateau Cantenac in Saint Emilion, Bordeaux during 2013 has awakened the wine soul in Janice.
It is just a beginning for Janice in the wine industry, and she would like to share her enjoyment of wine to you all. She enjoys grower champagne and Burgundian white.

Betty Chan
Wine Advisor

Holder of WSET Level 2 Certificate.
Her wine journey begins with passion for good food, Betty believes“Nothing brings people together like good food”. Along the journey she meets various great wines and visited wineries in Bordeaux, fascinated by the story and making philosophy behind every bottle of wine.
She enjoys Italian wines at the moment and will keep exploring the wine world.

Janet Chan
Wine Advisor

Holder of Bachelor Degree in Logistics from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, after a few years of experience in hospitality industry, Janet has however decided to step out of her comfort zone and entered into the wine business. She is passionate in accompanying our customers to learn and discover together the world of wine in approachable and friendly styles.